Welcome to our ministires page. Please feel free to browse around and see what is going on at Calvary and how you may be able to connect to our church in one of these many opportunities.

CONNECTIONS Groups are all about people—people connecting with others, people growing in the Lord, and people serving the Lord.

Today’s culture is completely “high tech and low touch.” It celebrates and promotes individualism over community. Privacy and seclusion are valued over connection. However, God didn’t design for us to live our lives alone. He created us for relationship with him and with others. We were made to belong and to be part of a community—a group of people living life together, growing together, and serving God together. That’s why we created Calvary Church Small Groups called CONNECTIONS.

Kid's Empowered
Kids Empowered includes Voltage (Sunday School) and Kings Castle (Wednesday) discipleship/outreach
Check out our Sunday morning kids ministry!
Young Adults
Young Adults a group for the college and career aged individuals in our congregation to get together and connect with each other. Most lasting friendships are formed during these years and we strive to create an environment to facilitate those friendships within a safe, faith based place. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm for Bible Study, food and fellowship. If you have any questions or would like to be plugged in to this ministry, please see Pastor Jeff for details.
King's Castle

 Making Jesus famous to the next generation!

Escape Youth

Escape Youth is a group designed for those who are in grades 7-12.
We meet weekly on Thursdays at 7pm.
We always have a blast playing games, eating snacks, hanging out, worshipping and learning more about our spiritual walk as Pastor Jeff shares a relevent devotional thought. Escape Youth and its leaders are always there when we need a safe place to land. Our group is always there for each other.
The teens at Escape Youth are passionate about God and showing His love to our city and abroad. We definitely go against the stereotype of how it isn't "cool" to be a Christian and follow Christ. We strive to make people wonder, "What makes these kids so different?". SPOILER ALERT: It's Jesus!!

Reveal Bible Studies

 Transform Your Mind and Your Heart


 Pursuing His Presence