Winter Storm Cancellation Policy
Unfortunately We have to cancel Sunday Services and weekly events from time to time.
The following information outlines our policies and procedures for cancellation.

Sunday Services / WednesdayNight Bible Study 

When it is determined by the leadership of Calvary that a Sunday Service or Wednesday Bible Study will have to be cancelled we will take the following steps to inform the congregation and public of our decision
1) An Email will be sent to evryone on the Calvary Contact List to Notify them of the cancellation
2) A Cancellation Notice will be posted on the front page of this website.
3) Radio stations will be contacted reagrding the cancellation  announcement

We regret that sometimes after making the decision to cancel the weather and road conditions are not as bad as forecast. However, once the decision has been made and announced it would be very confusing to reverse it.

King's Castle Children's Ministry and Escape Youth Ministry
It is our policy that when school is cancelled the ministry event is cancelled regardless of weather changes. This consistent policy avoids confusion for parents and unecessary risk for children and youth.

Connection Groups
Each small group is responsible for the decision to cancel and notify the individuals in the group.