King's Castle

What is King’s Castle?

What is King’s Castle?

King’s Castle is an exciting discipleship and ministry program for children (and their families too!) which trains them to walk in the way of the Lord and lead others to Him.

King’s Castle is not just a program, but is part of a way of living that puts God first in family life. With the full support and participation of parents, King’s Castle has the potential to transform your kids into deeply-rooted, Spirit-filled children of God.

King’s Castle involves the whole family. While it is based around weekly lessons at the church, the program is designed to become part of everyday family life. It involves homework assignments and activities, daily Bible study, retreats, camps and ministry opportunities. Get ready to go on an amazing discipleship journey with your kids!


Calvary Church, Charlottetown



Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm


Who Can Join?

Kids age 5-8: Happy Castle

Kids age 9-12: Castle Club


How do I sign up?

Pick up a registration form at the church office.

Registration cost: $25 yearly per child, $60 per family (Scholarships also available on an individual basis.)

Registration includes a King’s Castle t-shirt for every child!



Because we believe the number one priority of every family should be to raise their children to know, love and serve God.

Our desire is for every child to experience and grow in a living faith that is truly their own, and to discover the unique purpose and mission God has for their lives.

God has given parents the primary responsibility for the spiritual formation of their children. We at Calvary Church want to come alongside families, encouraging you and giving you the tools you need to fulfill this sacred responsibility.

We are excited to present this new resource for families that we believe will provide a strong foundation for our children.


For more information, please contact Pastor Kimberley Murray at the church office or through email;