Calvary News
September 17, 2017
ALPHA starts at 6:00 pm Sunday evenings
and includes supper!

Go to:

  • Look up their website to watch "Barry's Story"

  • and to learn more about ALPHA


September 10, 2017
"CHURCH BEYOND THE WALLS!"   In September of 2017 we are launching out with our new Vision for the next season.  This is not a new theme for Calvary, however we are going to be more intentional about the ways that we move in the world we live in.  In preparation for this, Pastor John has led us through three messages about breaking down the walls we experience first with God, secondly breaking down the walls in the Church, and thirdly breaking down the walls to get outside the Church and fulfill Jesus commission to us to "Go into the World and make Disciples".  Vision Sunday is unique in that all Pastors in the Church participate in the delivery of the theme "Church Beyond the Walls"  underlining the significance and our commitment to this direction in the year ahead!  We hope you can join the Staff and the Board in our enthusiasm and excitement for these days as we actively become the "Church Beyond the Walls"!
September 01, 2017

Celebration of Hope is a Billy Graham evangelica event with Will Graham
In Charlottetown, November 3-5, 2017
Interested in Volunteering....consider the following:

Celebration of Hope


Sept 9th @  8:00 am

 Celebration of Hope Prayer Breakfast

@ Cornerstone Church, Cornwall


Sept 9th @  10:00 am

FM419 Student Evangelism Training

(Adults welcome)

@ Calvary Church


Sept 12th @  7:00 pm

 Christian Life & Witness Class

@ Christian Reformed Church


Sept 19th @  7:00 pm

Prayer & Worship Event

@ Central Christian Church


Sept 30th @  9:00 am

Prayer Walk from Province House


Sept 30th @  11:00 am

Community Outreach

(Details to be announced)